I had heard that fake Fen coins existed but this is the first batch that I have ever seen. These coins came from a complete set of 1, 2, and 5 Fen coins bought on Ebay from seller  jpeterjohn153. Most of the coins in the set were genuine except for the rare dates of 1979, 1980 and 1981.



FAKE 1980 5-FEN

Notice the very weak striking of the wreath compared to the genuine to the left. Also, note the shape of the numeral ‘1’ compared to the genuine.


FAKE 1981 1-FEN

Notice the very weak striking of the national emblem compared to the genuine to the left.

FAKE 1981 1-FEN

FAKE 1981 5-FEN

Notice the straight numeral ‘1’

The first numeral ‘1’ is good but not perfect. The second ‘1’ is missing the right part of the base.

FAKE 1979 5-FEN

FAKE 1980 5-FEN

Notice the straight numeral ‘1’

Notice the straight numeral ‘1’, weakly struck ‘80’ and weak wreath.

Most obvious of all is the reeding. Three of the coins above are fakes. Can you spot them?

The three leftmost coins are fakes. The reeding on the fakes is uneven, sometimes missing entirely, and the spacing is wider than on the genuine coin.

This might be somewhat to difficult to see from the photos, but is much easier to detect when you have the coins in hand.


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