We are in the process of cataloging an extremely large lot cards which we acquired from a long-time collector. 

We catalog the cards one-by-one, photograph them, update the information on this site, and then, finally, list them on Ebay.  Since there are so many cards, this helps us keep some order to the process. We are currently processing and listing about 60 cards per week, as time, and sanity, permits. 

Due to the size and diversity of this collection, we will undoubtedly be able to offer at least one of every set variety ever made.

We are adding to this list constantly, so please bookmark this page.

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Antigua  (Brown, 7-coin)  A10

Arab Republic of Egypt  (Green, 6-coin) 15  A13

Aruba  (Brown, 6-coin)  15


Bailiwick of Jersey (Green, 7-coin)  18

Bailiwick of Guernsey  (Brown or Green,  7-coin, Coat of Arms Design)  15

Bailiwick of Guernsey  (Green, 7-coin, Queen Elizabeth Design)

Barbados  (Magenta, 5-coin)  129

Belize  (Brown, 5-coin)

Bermuda  (Brown, 5-coin)  15

Bosnia and Herzegovina  (Blue, 3-coin)


Canada  (Green, 6-coin)  15

Cayman Islands  (Green, 4-coin)  15  A10

Colony of St Helena  (Brown, 6-coin)  15

Commonwealth of Australia  (Green, 6-coin)  15  A16

Commonwealth of Australia  (Blue, 7-coin)  A22

Commonwealth of the Bahamas  (Green, 5-coin)

Cook Islands  (Blue, 7-coin)  15  A10

Cook Islands  (Blue, 7-coin, Triangle coin)  A16

Cooperative Government of Guyana  (Brown, 4-coin)  15

Costa Rica  (Green, 7-coin) 15A

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic  (Brown, 7-coin)  15


Democratic Republic of Sudan  (Brown or Blue, 5-coin)  17  A12
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka  (Brown, 7-coin)
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka  (Brown, 9-coin)  A11
Dominican Republic  (Brown 6-coin)  15
Dominion of New Zealand  (Green, 6-coin)  15

Falkland Islands  (Green, 6-coin)  15
Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros  (Brown, 4-coin) A15
Federal Republic of Germany  (Brown, 8-coin)  29
Federative Republic of Brazil  (Brown, 7-coin)  15
Federative Republic of Brazil  (Brown, 8-coin)
Fiji  (Green, 6-coin)  15   A10
French Polynesia  (Brown, 7-coin)  15
French Republic (France)  (Green, 8-coin)  30  A10


German Democratic Republic (GDR)  (Green, 8-coin)  85  A44
Gibraltar  (Brown, 7-coin)   A10
Government of Hong Kong  (Brown, 7-coin)  17
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  (Green, 4-coin)  15


Hungarian Peoples Republic  (Green, 9-coin)  15   A10

Hungarian Peoples Republic  (Green, 10-coin)  15   A10


Independent State of Western Samoa (Brown, 7-coin)  15

India  (Green, 6-coin)  15   A10

Islamic Republic of Pakistan  (Brown, 5-coin)  15   A10

Isle of Man  (Brown or Green, 7-coin)  19

Italian Republic (Italy)  (Brown, 7-coin)  15


Jamaica  (Blue, 6-coin)  15   A10

Japan  (Brown, 6-coin)  15


Kingdom of Belgium  (Brown, 4-coin)  15  A10

Kingdom of Belgium  (Green, 5-coin)

Kingdom of Bhutan  (Brown, 6-coin)  15  A17

Kingdom of Denmark (Green, 6-coin)  15

Kingdom of Lesotho  (Brown, 7-coin)  15  A10

Kingdom of Morocco (Green, 7-coin)  15  A16

Kingdom of Nepal  (Brown, 5-coin)  15

Kingdom of Netherlands  (Green, 5-coin)  15

Kingdom of Norway  (Blue, 5-coin)  15  A10

Kingdom of Norway  (Brown, 6-coin)  A10

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  (Green, 5-coin)  23  A27

Kingdom of Swaziland  (Blue, 5-coin)  A10

Kingdom of Swaziland  (Green, 7-coin)  15  A10

Kingdom of Sweden  (Brown, 4-coin)  15

Kingdom of Sweden  (Brown, 6-coin)

Kingdom of Thailand  (Brown, 7-coin)  17

Kingdom of Tonga  (Brown, 6-coin)  15


Macedonia  (Blue, 4-coin)  15

Malaysia  (Brown, 5-coin)  15

Malaysia  (Brown, 6-coin)  A10

Mauritius  (Blue, 7-coin)  17   A13

Mongolian Peoples Republic (Mongolia) (Green, 8-coin)  25  A10

Most Serene Republic of San Marino  (Brown, 2-coin)  15  A10


Namibia  (Brown, 5-coin)  15

Netherlands Antilles  (Blue, 7-coin)  A13

Netherlands Antilles  (Green, 7-coin)  19   A10

New Caledonia  (Brown, 7-coin)  20  A10


Oriental Republic of Uruguay  (Blue, 7-coin)  19


Papua New Guinea  (Brown, 4-coin)  15

Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen  (Green, 8-coin)  39  A23

Peoples Republic of Bangladesh  (Green, 5-coin)  15

Peoples Republic of Bulgaria  (Blue, 6-coin)  15
Peoples Republic of China (PRC)  (Brown, 7-coin)  A15

Peoples Republic of China (PRC)  (Brown, 6-coin)

Peoples Republic of Mozambique  (Green, 6-coin)  15   A13

Peoples Republic of Mozambique  (Brown, 6-coin)  A11

Polish Peoples Republic  (Blue, 8-coin)  17

Portuguese Republic (Portugal)  (Blue, 5-coin)  15

Province of Macau  (Blue, 5-coin)  25  A13


Republic of Argentina  (Brown, 3-coin) A19

Republic of Argentina  (Brown, 4-coin)

Republic of Armenia  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Austria  (Blue, 7-coin)

Republic of Austria  (Green, 8-coin) A10

Republic of Azerbaijan  (Green, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Bolivia  (Green, 3-coin) A10

Republic of Botswana  (Brown, 7-coin) A10

Republic of Cape Verde  (Brown, 7-coin) A21

Republic of Chad  (Blue, 7-coin)  A59

Republic of Chad  (Brown, 7-coin)   A36

Republic of Chile  (Brown, 4-coin)

Republic of Chile  (Brown, 5-coin) A17

Republic of China (Taiwan)  (Blue, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Colombia  (Blue, 4-coin) A14

Republic of Cuba

Republic of Cyprus  (Brown, 4-coin)

Republic of Cyprus  (Brown, 6-coin) A12

Republic of Djibouti  (Brown, 7-coin) A20

Republic of Ecuador  (Green, 4-coin)

Republic of Ecuador (Green, 5-coin) A29

Republic of El Salvador  (Brown, 7-coin) A13

Republic of El Salvador  (Green, 5-coin)  A10

Republic of Estonia  (Green, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Finland  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Georgia  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Ghana  (Brown, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Greece  (Blue, 7-coin) A15

Republic of Guatemala  (Brown, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Guinea  (Blue, 4-coin) A11

Republic of Honduras  (Brown, 4-coin)

Republic of Honduras  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Iceland  (Blue, 5-coin)

Republic of Iceland  (Green, 6-coin) A10

Republic of India  (Blue, 6-coin) A11

Republic of India  (Brown, 6-coin)
Republic of Indonesia  (Brown, 7-coin)
Republic of Ireland  (Green, 6-coin)
Republic of Kenya  (Green, 6-coin) A15
Republic of Kiribati  (Blue, 7-coin) A36
Republic of Korea  (Brown, 5-coin)
Republic of Korea (Brown, 6-coin) A20

Republic of Laos (Blue, 3-coin) A15

Republic of Lebanon  (Brown, 5-coin) A20

Republic of Liberia  (Brown, 6-coin) A18

Republic of Maldives  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Moldova  (Brown, 4-coin) A15

Republic of Malawi  (Green, 7-coin) A46

Republic of Mali  (Blue, 5-coin) A45

Republic of Malta  (Brown, 6-coin)

Republic of Malta  (Green, 9-coin) A30

Republic of Nicaragua  (Blue, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Nigeria  (Green, 5-coin) A46

Republic of Panama  (Green, 6-coin) A13

Republic of Paraguay  (Brown, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Paraguay  (Green, 5-coin)

Republic of Peru  (Green, 7-coin) A10

Republic of Philippines  (Brown, 7-coin)  A22

Republic of Portugal  (Blue, 4-coin) A10

Republic of Senegal  (Green, 6-coin)  A18

Republic of Seychelles  (Brown, 8-coin)

Republic of Seychelles  (Green, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Sierra Leone  (Brown, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Singapore  (Blue, 6-coin) A12

Republic of Slovenia  (Brown, 6-coin)  A14

Republic of South Africa  (Green, 7-coin) A10

Republic of Suriname  (Blue, 6-coin) A10

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago  (Blue, 6-coin) A13

Republic of Tunisia  (Brown, 7-coin)  A16

Republic of Turkey (Brown, 7-coin)  A10

Republic of Turkmenistan  (Blue, 5-coin)  A10

Republic of Uganda  (Brown, 4-coin)  A10

Republic of Vanuatu  (Brown, 6-coin)  A15

Republic of Venezuela  (Green, 5-coin)  A13

Republic of Yemen  (Blue, 3-coin)  75+

Republic of Zambia  (Brown, 6-coin)  A13

Royal Government of Bhutan  (Brown, 5-coin) A11


Slovak Republic (Slovakia)   (Green, 7-coin)  A13

Socialist Ethiopia  (Brown, 5-coin)  A13

Socialist Peoples Republic of Albania  (Green, 5-coin)  A11

Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma  (Blue, 6-coin)

Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma  (Brown, 6-coin)  A10

Socialist Republic of Romania  (Green, 6-coin)  A11

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia  (Green, 6-coin)  A10

Solomon Islands  (Green, 6-coin)  A12

Spanish State (Spain)  (Brown, 7-coin)  A12

State of Bahrain  (Brown, 5-coin)  A13

State of Brunei  (Green, 5-coin)  A10

State of Cambodia  (Brown, 4-coin)

State of Eritrea  (Brown, 6-coin)

State of Haiti  (Brown, 5-coin)  A10

State of Israel  (Brown, 7-coin)

State of Israel  (Green, 9-coin)  A18

State of Kuwait  (Brown, 6-coin)  A15

State of Kuwait  (Green, 5-coin)

State of Qatar  (Brown, 5-coin)  A16

State of the Vatican City  (Green, 6-coin)  A11

Sultanate of Oman  (Brown, 8-coin)  A16

Surinam  (Green, 4-coin)  A10

Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)  (Blue, 8-coin)  A12

Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)  (Blue, 5-coin)  A16

Syrian Arab Republic  (Syria)  (Blue, 6-coin)


The Gambia  (Brown, 6-coin)  A10

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan  (Green, 7-coin) A16

The Russian Federation (Russia)  (Green, 6-coin)

Transdniestra (Green, 4-coin)  A16

Turks and Caicos Islands  (Brown, 2-coin)  A12

Tuvalu  (Brown, 7-coin)  A38


Ukraine  (Green, 6-coin)  A37

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)  (Brown, 9-coin)  A10

United Arab Emirate (UAE)  (Brown, 6-coin)  A16

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  (Blue, 7-coin)  A10

United Mexican States  (Brown, 7-coin)  A12

United Mexican States  (Green, 7-coin)

United States of America (USA)  (Green, 6-coin)  A15


Yemen Arab Republic  (Green, 5-coin)  A16


Zambia (Brown, 5-coin)  A34

Zimbabwe  (Brown, 6-coin)  A10

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