This site lists the information I have collected on modern Chinese coins. I collect all modern coins except for Pandas. For some reason, the Pandas do not interest me. I am especially interested in the Fen coins and their varieties, and cover this quite extensively.  I recently expanded my collection to include early provincial type coins.

I update or modify this site on a regular basis. Any new information gathered during my trips to China, the annual Beijing and Hong Kong coin shows, and from conversations with other collectors, is also included and undated.

If you have a coin which you cannot identify, please contact me and maybe I can help. I recently helped the owner of a rare Chinese medal to identify it and sell it at a good price.

I would like to buy individual coins or entire collections. As I travel frequently between Dallas, Austin, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Xiamen, I welcome sellers in either country. 

FLASH - 7/16/2012

This site is no longer being maintained regularly because I have moved all information to a newer, database-driven, site which is much easier for you to use and includes much more information.  Also, I am moving to China in November and, with the help of dealers in Xiamen and Shanghai, should be able to maintain up-to-date info and pricing on all coins and medal minted since 1900. Please visit the site and give me your feedback at

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