Huang Ri Yong (aka Olive Huang) is Manager of the vice secretary of the China Collector’s Association, Coins and Banknotes commission.

It snowed in Beijing on the last day of the show.

The rice wine is quite potent. Extreme caution is advised.

Sam Yochem and Scott Schechter NGC and the Certified Collectibles Group.

PCGS was also there.

A display of all the items on auction. Many 5 oz and larger gold pieces were auctioned.

A display of early-modern (1949 to 1979) Chinese coinage, medals, photos, and artifacts.

There were many 5 oz and larger silver coins for sale.

Here is about five million dollars of gold on display from one dealer.

In the entrance were large-sized photos of all the modern China coinage. I saw virtually no ancient coins at the show!

Friday night, we were invited to a dinner for the China Collector’s Society. They held a short meeting, then dinner.

Dinner consisted of aver 20 courses.Once they started arriving, I started eating so no photos are available.

Mr. Sun Ke Qin, Chairman of Committee of Beijing Coinage.

The man in the orange shirt is the famous Ge Zhu Kang, editor of the yearly price list, People’s Republic Precious Coins Catalog.